2012Saint-Gobain SEVA obtains OHSAS 18001 certification.
2011Adaptation, modernisation and rationalisation of the foundry and machining production equipment.
2005Saint-Gobain SEVA obtains ISO 14001 certification.
2005All Saint-Gobain SEVA metal-working activities (fibre, foundry, Moulds & Tooling) are regrouped to form a new global business : "Alliages & Transformation".
1993SEVA takes over SYSPRO and centralises business at the Chalon-sur-Saône site. SEVA obtains ISO 9001 certification.
1991SYSPRO, a computer-integrated manufacturing and robotics company located in PONT-A-MOUSSON becomes a SEVA subsidiary. SEVA takes over the business of FIBRAFLEX and industrialises the process for manufacturing amorphous metallic fibres.
1986For SAINT-GOBAIN, SEVA starts working on the design and manufacture of a new generation of forming furnace for auto glass used in windscreens, side and rear windows.
1984SEVA becomes a 100 % owned subsidiary of PONT-A-MOUSSON S.A.
1972Following the joining of SAINT-GOBAIN and PONT-A-MOUSSON S.A., SEVA is taken over by the latter and becomes a factory in its Mechanical Engineering branch. Construction of an assembly workshop at Rue Paul Sabatier on the Industrial Estate to the north of Chalon-sur-Saône.
1952SEVABM industrialises the manufacture of TEL spinners.
1930S.E.V. becomes S.E.V.A. : Société d'Etudes Verrières Appliquées. Addition of a foundry and an engineering workshop for the manufacture of machines and tooling.
1926Creation of S.E.V. : Société d'Etudes Verrières.