Alloy SGS-X23-24

Duplex stainless steel with better corrosion resistance than common austenitic steels.
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SGS-X23-24 stainless alloy is a "duplex" alloy that belongs to the family of austenitic stainless steels. It has a corrosion resistance at least equivalent to common austenitic steels, as well as significantly better mechanical properties and abrasion resistance.


SEVA designation: SGS-X23-24

Standard designation:
AFNOR X3CrNiMoN27-5-2
DIN 1.4460
AISI 329

Chemical analysis (in%)

Standardized: (NF EN 10088)

Fe : Bal
C : 0.1 max
Cr : 23-27
Ni : 4.5-7
Si : 1 max
Mn : 2 max
Mo : 1.3-1.8
N : <0.2

Mechanical properties

Hardness: 230 HB.

Tensile test at room temperature:

Rp0,2 (MPa) Rm (MPa) A (%)
450 650 18


Areas of use

• Paper Industry
• Petrochemical industry
• Dyeing industry
• Transformation industries implying relatively strong chemical, mechanical and abrasive stress

Maximum temperature of use


Types of parts produced

• Bodies
• Wheels
• Pump shafts
• Valves
• Miscellaneous parts

Standard structure

Approximately 50 % austenite and 50 % ferrite.

Physical Properties

Density: 7,5
Approximate melting range: 1350 - 1450°C

Chemical properties

The main characteristic of the SGS-X23-24 alloy is a better pitting resistance than common austenitic steels (304, 316L).

It is also extremely resistant to stress corrosion, particularly in the presence of anions Cl- or de H2S.

Thanks to its hardness, this steel can be used for applications that require good resistance to corrosion and to abrasion.

Other properties

Magnetism: Magnetic
Thermal conductivity: 25 W.m-1.K-1


SEVA produces the SGS-X23-24 alloy in an electric induction furnace, under an Argon gas protective atmosphere.
Cast in a sand mold.
Heat treatment: Mechanical reinforcement by carbide precipitation.

Compatible processes

  Compatibility Remarks
Machining ●●●●○ Cutting speed:
~ 70 - 80 m/min
(with carbide tools M type)
Polishing ●●●●○  
Welding ●●●○○  
Hot isostatic
pressing (HIP)
Forging ●●●●●  


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