Foundry resources SEVA


Specialized foundry in stainless steels and superalloys


As the internal toolmaker and 100% subsidiary of the Saint-Gobain group, SEVA has an integrated foundry specializing in the casting of technical parts in stainless steels, refractory steels, high-alloyed steels, nickel-based alloys, cobalt-based alloys and superalloys. With an integrated metallurgy laboratory, we develop and produce our own grades according to our customers' requirements.


Turnkey projects, from the study of the foundry to the assembly through machining, all in an integrated digital chain.

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Characteristics of parts

  Mini Maxi*
Unit weight (kg) 0,1 2 000
Length (mm) 10 2 000
Width (mm) 10 1 000
Diameter (mm) 10 1 200

*Beyond the maximum: please contact us.


  • Stainless steels (304, 316), low carbon (304L, 316L),
    special stainless steels resistant to abrasion and/or seizing,
  • High-alloyed steels (25-20, 18-10, duplex, 17-4 PH),
  • Refractory nickel-based alloys (G-NiCr28W, GX70Ni-CrW55-30-7),
  • Self-lubricating nickel-based alloy (ASTM A494 Gr.CY5SnBiM),
  • Cobalt-based alloys,
  • Nickel cast iron (Ni-hard, Ni-resist)


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Types of parts produced

Special process equipment, die forms, pump elements, molds, tools, impellers, standard round bars and bushings, etc...

Lot sizes

Production quantities can vary from single parts and small to medium series.
Special process: Hyperquenching amorphous metal fibers.

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Design office resources

Integrated design office

Methods department, metallurgy laboratory, design, simulation tools, calculations, tests.


Catia V5 R 27, Solidworks 2020, Magma V5, NC Simul, VX inspect, VX Model, Thermocalc.

Foundry resources

Casting process
Gravity casting in sand molds.

Patterns production
Integrated & subcontracted.

Molding and core-making methods
Manual and semi-mechanized, cold box process, 3D printed sand molding.

Melting capacities
6 MF induction furnaces of latest generation with capacities ranging from 600 kg to 1800 kg.


  • Manual, -
  • Automatic (robotized cell),
  • Cobotized.

Surface treatments
Shot-blasting, sandblasting, chrome-plating, polishing, thermal degreasing, scouring, etc...

Thermal treatments
2 furnaces with air quenching.



Machining resources

Computer Numerical Control (CNC), high speed, electro-erosion, milling, 3-axis and 5-axis turning, multifunctional and robotized machining centers. Parts up to 30 tons and 4 meters in length.

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Dimensional (conventional, three-dimensional, 3D scanning), structural (macrography, micrography (SEM)), NDT (roughness, liquid penetrant testing (LPT), US, radiography, waterproofing), spectrometry, mechanical controls (traction, low and high temperature creep), compression, shear, hardness, etc...