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Associated services and special processes

Our commitments to the quality of each part.

Internal skills

SEVA integrates different know-how in a complete range of services and technical solutions to finish your parts:
•  Heat treatment of parts to achieve the desired metallurgical performance and mechanical characteristics,
•  Sheet-metal fabrication
•  Welding: TIG/MIG (QMOS - DMOS qualifications on several alloys)
•  Dimensional inspection: conventional or 3D:
   ◦ STIEFELMAYER (Metrolog software): 2800x2000x1500
   ◦ DEA (integrated software): 2000x1000x500
•  Non-Destructive Testing: dye penetrant testing,
•  Deposit of metallic powders with plasma torch
•  Capacities of our lifting equipment:
   ◦ 2X25 tons "double trolley" crane for secure turning of parts.
   ◦ 5-tons crane


Expert partners

To meet our customer’s requirements, SEVA coordinates a large panel of specialised industrial sub-contractors:
•  3D printing,
•  NDT: X-ray, ultrasonics
•  Mechanical testing, pressure testing
•  Surface treatments (Shot peening, HIP treatment, stellite coating, HVOF treatment...)
•  Wiring, Automation and Robotics
•  …