New brand identity for SEVA !

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Saint-Gobain SEVA: 10 factories in one company !

Subsidiary of the Saint-Gobain group,

specialized in superalloys castings, machining of complex shapes, industrial mechanics and engineerins, robotics, cobots and sensors.

Saint-Gobain SEVA provides to its customers a wide panel of skills gathered in one single company.

  • Production of parts and equipments from single unit to small-sized series.
  • A recognised know-how in industrial problem solving

Saint-Gobain SEVA’s activity is divided into 3 business units:

Alliages & Transformation

  • Produces and processes superalloys, using its metallurgical laboratory, its foundry and its CNC machining centres.
  • Produces and sales the FIBRAFLEX® amorphous metallic fibres for concrete and mortars reinforcement.


  • Designs, makes and installs industrial equipments throughout the world, mainly for the glass processing industry.


  • Designs, makes and sells building hardware and sliding door parts.

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