Support services

Key skills for the complete fulfilment of your projects.


The diversity of the projects managed by SEVA requires the use of external resources, which are coordinated by an internal purchasing department that mutualises resources with the Saint-Gobain group. Our large panel of approved and qualified suppliers cover a range of fields, including:
• Raw materials and semi-finished products
• Industrial sub-contracting: Modelling, Forging, Casting, Machining, Polishing, Mechanical welding, Heat treatment, Surface treatment (Shot peening, HIP treatment, stellite coating, HVOF treatment, ...) 3D printing, Automation and Robotics …
•  Intellectual services (R&D, studies, programming, simulation, control, assembly, maintenance, laboratory, mechanical tests, pressure tests, cabling, …)


Our quality teams support projects with the following approaches:
•  Internal and external audits – integrated quality and EHS
•  Mutualised resources with the Saint-Gobain group
•  Continuous improvement: World Class Manufacturing SEVA's processes and quality system are recognised as solid by certifying bodies.eurs.

Logistics and Transport

With almost 80% of its turnover coming from exports to the 5 continents, SEVA is organised to optimise the management of these flows:

•  Logistics: large (internal and external) storage capacities, including for high-value goods and/or for hazardous materials.

•  Transport: complex shipments, multimodal transport, door-to-door deliveries to all countries, triangular operations, management of customs procedures (Authorised Economic Operator), customs cleared deliveries to sites.