Equipment and expertise


with our customers
Saint-Gobain SEVA : Ingénierie - Usinage -Fonderie – Mécanique

A large range of equipment and solutions

Thanks to our many fields of expertise developed in our partnerships and exchanges with our customers, SEVA supports each project by providing the best innovative industrial solutions.

SEVA has 3 design offices dedicated to each of its activities.
Associated with the methods-programming departments specific to each business field, these design offices include engineers, design engineers, draughtsmen, designers, programmers, methods technicians, etc. They have some of the most modern and efficient CAD, simulation and project management resources available: CATIA V5, SOLIDWORKS, PTC Creo, Autocad, Inventor, SOLIDWORKS Simulation, Openmind, Hypermil, MAGMA SOFT, NC SIMUL, SAP, …

To take up the technical challenges of our customers, the SEVA engineers accompany each project in a wide variety of fields such as robotics, cobotics, automation, thermics, calculations, industrial vision and industrial computing, casting, machining, mechatronics, hydraulics, …

We are experts in developing special metal alloys suited to the specific requirements and applications of our customers.
We have access to numerous university and private research centres and we also have our own metallurgical R&D capabilities with 2 metallurgical engineers and a dedicated laboratory capable of performing a wide range of measurements and tests:
•  Microstructural analysis (metallurgical preparation, metallurgical etching, optical imaging)
•  Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
•  3-point bending creep test up to 1250°C
•  Cold hardness test
•  Cyclic oxidation test up to 1700°C
• Electrochemical tracking corrosion test up to 1700°C

SEVA is a specialised foundry casting metal alloys and superalloys such as high-alloy steels, stainless steels, refractory steels, duplex steels as well as nickel and cobalt based alloys...

Leading-edge equipment
We have 6 induction furnaces with capacities ranging from 600 to 1500 kg of liquid metal. At SEVA we produce batch sizes from single parts to medium-sized series (~ 5,000 parts per year), with weights from a few grams to 1,500 kg. We can also oversee the casting of larger parts in partnership with foundries. SEVA casts parts using traditional sand moulds or 3D printing (gravity casting). The parts are trimmed either manually or robotically (robotised trimming cell).

A dedicated work-study department
Our foundry has a work study department dedicated to supporting projects in a fully integrated digital chain: design, modelling, casting simulation (Magmasoft)...

Our alloys
Together with our skills in metallurgical sciences and our laboratory facilities, our foundry produces metal alloys and superalloys:
•  high-alloy steels, stainless steels, refractories, duplex and super-duplex,
•  nickel-based alloys (including a stainless and self-lubricating superalloy “SGS75”),
•  cobalt-based alloys.
These alloys are made from both very pure and recycled materials. We have all the necessary means to determine their characteristics: spectrometer, ONH analyser, etc. In addition to our standard alloys, we can also produce many other alloys from the above-mentioned families. We work with our customers' research centres to develop and produce proprietary and confidential alloys for specific applications: glass industry, nuclear, food industry, etc.

SEVA has a large array of machines in a total covered area of 12,000 m² dedicated to machining.

SEVA is specialised in machining complex shapes in medium and large sized hard materials (3, 4 and 5 axis milling, two turning-milling centres, vertical turning, horizontal turning), but we can also work on smaller parts, particularly in electro-erosion (wire or sinking).

Special processes
•  Robotic machining cell: 2 MAZAK Integrex turning centres equipped with a FANUC robot arm
•  Automatic polishing machine
•  Electron beam drilling
•  Robotic cutting and grinding of inserts in large batches

A complete range of services and technical solutions to finish your parts:
•  Heat treatment of parts to achieve the desired metallurgical performance and mechanical characteristics,
•  Sheet-metal fabrication
•  Welding: TIG/MIG (QMOS - DMOS qualifications on several alloys)
•  Dimensional inspection: conventional or 3D:
     â—¦ STIEFELMAYER (Metrolog software): 2800x2000x1500
     â—¦ DEA (integrated software): 2000x1000x500
•  Non-Destructive Testing: dye penetrant testing,
•  Deposit of metallic powders with plasma torch
•  Capacities of our lifting equipment:
     â—¦ 2X25 tons "double trolley" crane for secure turning of parts.
     â—¦ 5-tons crane

To meet our customer’s requirements, SEVA coordinates a large panel of specialised industrial sub-contractors:
•  3D printing,
•  NDT: X-ray, ultrasonics
•  Mechanical testing, pressure testing
•  Surface treatments (Shot peening, HIP treatment, stellite coating, HVOF treatment...)
•  Wiring, Automation and Robotics
•  â€¦

With 70 years of experience, SEVAX is a leading specialist in closing solutions for technical doors and exports to over 45 countries.
On our site in Chalon-sur-SaĂ´ne in France, our dedicated design office integrates the latest technologies, from 3D design to the equipment for checking components and finished products. This is to guarantee that SEVAX products are always of the highest quality and compliant with CE standards and certifications.

SEVAX provides technical support on all its projects:
For both residential and public and/or high-rise buildings, SEVAX provides customer satisfaction by producing and marketing door closing solutions: door closers, pivots, technical door automations, glass parts … SEVAX proposes a wide selection of products and solutions, flush-fitting, glass, motorised, integrated, etc. which comply with standards and certifications: EC, ASD, PRM, fire prevention…

Our “SYSPRO” business-unit designs, manufactures and deploys industrial equipment in one-offs or small series, mainly for the SAINT-GOBAIN group.
Our design and production skills permit us to offer our customers a complete service (from analysing their requirements through to technical assistance), while ensuring total confidentiality of the technologies used. This activity is combined with a multi-skilled design office (mechanical engineering, automation, robotics, vision, IT, etc.), a worldwide panel of subcontractors and logistics, along with an international technical assistance service.

Hyperquenching amorphous metallic fibres: FIBRAFLEX®
Renowned around the world for its expertise in special metallurgical alloys, SEVA industrialises, produces and markets FIBRAFLEX®, amorphous metallic fibres.
An exclusive process of melting and hyperquenching liquid metal is used to produce this iron and chromium alloy, giving it exceptional characteristics that enable it to satisfy the most demanding applications. SEVA alone masters this technology on an industrial scale, and its main use is to reinforce concrete and mortar.

The diversity of the projects managed by SEVA requires the use of external resources, which are coordinated by an internal purchasing department that mutualises resources with the Saint-Gobain group. Our large panel of approved and qualified suppliers cover a range of fields, including:
• Raw materials and semi-finished products
• Industrial sub-contracting: Modelling, Forging, Casting, Machining, Polishing, Mechanical welding, Heat treatment, Surface treatment (Shot peening, HIP treatment, stellite coating, HVOF treatment, ...) 3D printing, Automation and Robotics …
•  Intellectual services (R&D, studies, programming, simulation, control, assembly, maintenance, laboratory, mechanical tests, pressure tests, cabling, …)

Our quality teams support projects with the following approaches:
•  Internal and external audits – integrated quality and EHS
•  Mutualised resources with the Saint-Gobain group
•  Continuous improvement: World Class Manufacturing
SEVA's processes and quality system are recognised as solid by certifying bodies.

Logistics and Transport
With almost 80% of its turnover coming from exports to the 5 continents, SEVA is organised to optimise the management of these flows:
•  Logistics: large (internal and external) storage capacities, including for high-value goods and/or for hazardous materials.
•  Transport: complex shipments, multimodal transport, door-to-door deliveries to all countries, triangular operations, management of customs procedures (Authorised Economic Operator), customs cleared deliveries to sites.