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A French foundry, in Burgundy

SEVA is a specialised foundry casting metal alloys and superalloys such as high-alloy steels, stainless steels, refractory steels, duplex steels as well as nickel and cobalt based alloys...


Leading-edge equipment

We have 6 induction furnaces with capacities ranging from 600 to 1500 kg of liquid metal. At SEVA we produce batch sizes from single parts to medium-sized series (~ 5,000 parts per year), with weights from a few grams to 1,500 kg. We can also oversee the casting of larger parts in partnership with foundries. SEVA casts parts using traditional sand moulds or 3D printing (gravity casting). The parts are trimmed either manually or robotically (robotised trimming cell).

A dedicated work-study department

Our foundry has a work study department dedicated to supporting projects in a fully integrated digital chain: design, modelling, casting simulation (Magmasoft)...


Our alloys

Together with our skills in metallurgical sciences and our laboratory facilities, our foundry produces metal alloys and superalloys:
•  high-alloy steels, stainless steels, refractories, duplex and super-duplex,
•  nickel-based alloys (including a stainless and self-lubricating superalloy “SGS75”),
•  cobalt-based alloys.

These alloys are made from both very pure and recycled materials. We have all the necessary means to determine their characteristics: spectrometer, ONH analyser, etc. In addition to our standard alloys, we can also produce many other alloys from the above-mentioned families. We work with our customers' research centres to develop and produce proprietary and confidential alloys for specific applications: glass industry, nuclear, food industry, etc.